13. September 2022
In these new photos I want to play with your fantasy I am 3 women in 1: the sweet "PINK DOLL", the naughty "GRAY GIRL" or the dominant and perverse, "BRUNETTE IN LATEX"... you choose!🔥
22. August 2022
07. August 2022
I love taking pictures of my dear guests...and here I have some "hot asses"😈🫒💋
05. April 2022
I want to thank the visit of all my clients in these strange times... it seems that we will soon return to a more normal life! I leave some photos of dear guest...😈😜💋 Happy Spring🌺🌻😎
15. December 2021
My dear guests, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas ... and that Santa Claus brings a lot of desire to play and discover new things in sex. I wish everyone a Happy 2022, with very hot experiences !!!🌶😉💋
11. September 2021
I was visited by a pretty English girl with curly hair ... she came dressed in a very provocative and burlesque way. It was a lot of fun playing with that hot and naughty lady.😈
10. August 2021
A "dear slave" came to visit me this afternoon ... as he always likes to be slapped well.🙌😈
01. May 2021
10 things that will have happened to you if you actually practice BDSM ...🖤 1.- When you enter a bazaar «everything for € 1» is like going to Disneyland.👻 2.- When you come across people with tight or leather necklaces, you usually think that it is because they are not vanilla at all.☻ 3.- When you see a movie in which someone is tied up, it always seems like a slob and that they are not being tied up properly: "But if you can escape!" (especially if you practice Shibari).😉 4.-...
20. December 2020
I'm on the 2020 Kaufmich Advent Calendar! 🥰 It was a difficult year for all of us, but with the difficulties we learn to be better and value the "little things in life" ... I wish all my clients and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep Safe.😉 See you in 2021 !!!🥂💋
17. September 2020
That year is being a very rare year for all times ... pandemic ... fragile economy ... and the most important thing they have restricted us from relating with affection ... for me particularly the hardest because I am an "addict "From contact with people is in a good conversation ... a night out with friends or an erotic time with my lovers. ❤ But within all the bad things that happened to us in those months, I keep the good ones (with the messages of affection from all my dear "friends and...

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