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I hope you are well and healthy.😉

After 3 months of "vacation" caused by the pandemic and for the sake of everyone's health, 

I return to work (unfortunately not in Munich) but waiting for a brief and satisfactory solution from the German government. 

Escort Service:

15.06.  -  27.06. Geneva (Switzerland) 

 01.07. -  15.07. Lausanne (Switzerland)

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Your Isabella😘

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☎     0049 15772828682


E-mail isamarinvlc2014@gmail.com  

Hi, I'm Isabella Marin

I created a blog to talk a little about me and my hobbies. I hope you enjoy it and know me a little more ... because who knows me knows that more than an "escort girl" ... I enjoy my work and each of my usual "friends"

... and  creating an intimate and personal relationship.

Your Isabella💋
Thanks For Your Visit.
Thanks For Your Visit.