01. July 2020
Bitte ... öffne jetzt die Häuser ... und lass die ehrlichen Mädchen zurückgehen arbeiten.💪❤
12. June 2020
Hi, I hope you are well and healthy.😉 After 3 months of "vacation" caused by the pandemic and for the sake of everyone's health, I return to work (unfortunately not in Munich) but waiting for a brief and satisfactory solution from the German government. Escort Service: 15.06. - 27.06. Geneva (Switzerland) 01.07. - 15.07. Lausanne (Switzerland) More info: isamarinvlc2014@gmail.com Kisses, Your Isabella😘
24. February 2020
Hi, I not have been saying something here for many months ... that year started strong ... with many "world crises" ... but as here we come to relax I propose a different activity ... if you never tried a Strap On. ..is a magnificent game in which you will try different sensations ... I offer from small to giant sizes ... all for your pleasure.😉 Your Isabella.😘
15. December 2019
Hi my dear guests, Thanks for your visit...this year!!!🍻 I hope see you next year. I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! !!! See you in 2020😍😍😍 Your, Isabella 😙
29. September 2019
I love a good spanking session.😍 A "red ass" is always very exciting ... my techniques go from "leaving marks" or just feeling the feeling "without marks" for the most discreet.😉
23. August 2019
You want some excitement .... feeling trapped in my "trap" for a sensual and perverse game ... Your Isabella 💋😘
27. July 2019
A little fetish in lack ... for the summer days and other option to sexy and very versatile latex ... one of my usual guests shows me some of his pieces ... and I want pictures! Thanks my Dear.💋😍😘
07. July 2019
When opening the door in one of my daily appointments a few months ago I met "Diana" in our first session makes clear her tastes and her style ( loves to be photographic model 🤗)shares with me that "Secret" and shares one of those beautiful photos for my blog. Thanks my Dear "DIANA". Your Isabella 😘
29. June 2019
My new photos in a "Maison Parisian" ...the game of sweet and hard follows ... perfect mix to "not bore in the art of seduction and fetish"...a true "garden of delights". Your Isabella 💋💋💋
03. May 2019
An interesting miniseries about a university student who works as a "dominatrix" in her free time. https://youtu.be/XXuBwwZvruI Enjoy😉

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Thanks For Your Visit.
Thanks For Your Visit.