10 things that will have happened to you if you actually practice BDSM ...🖤

 1.- When you enter a bazaar «everything for € 1» is like going to Disneyland.👻

 2.- When you come across people with tight or leather necklaces, you usually think that it is because they are not vanilla at all.☻

 3.- When you see a movie in which someone is tied up, it always seems like a slob and that they are not being tied up properly: "But if you can escape!"  (especially if you practice Shibari).😉

 4.- If you go to DIY stores, your imagination is fired and your little hand comes out of the "DIY" interior.  "Oh, what wonderful bridles", or "Go look at these chains!"  even "You've seen those wooden slats, we could make an ideal stocks out of them!"🥳

 5.- Traditional porn seems infinitely false and boring.😈

 6.- When you are going to have a play session away from home you want to carry all your toys on your back.  "Just in case"😜

 7.- 50 Shades of Gray seemed like a bad joke with a lot of posturing.👿

 8.- You know that saying or being said "bitch" or "dog" in the right context is a super loving act.😍

 9.- When showing a photo on your mobile to someone, you are afraid that they will go to the next photo and it will be a compromised image of your last session.🤣

 10.-If you go to a costume store you are looking for the most fetishistic outfits.  «I am sure that I will also use this sexy kitten outfit after the party!"🥰